Stoke Spotlight: Team 5 Foundation's Deployment to Peru

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Mission Peru: Deployment Underway

Griff, Leo Jenkins and our friends over at the Team 5 Foundation just headed out on a two week deployment to Peru to provide medical care and support to remote areas.

Team 5 Foundation Deployment to Peru

The services provided include a dental clinic, medical clinic, out patient surgical and ultra-sounds for pregnant mothers.

Team 5 Deployment to PeruSupplies will be donated to the remote regions to support the medical needs after Team 5 departs. There will also be a TCCC course provided to the tactical medics of the Peruvian Air Force, Army and Marines.

Thank you to all of our sponsors and donors that made this mission possible!

 Matthew Griffin Team 5 Foundation

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Team 5 Deployment Patch

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Pre-Order the Team 5 Deployment T-Shirt

Team 5 Foundation Team to Peru

Team 5 Foundation Peru Team

Team 5 Foundation Peru Team



Here are the latest photos from the deployment. 

Team 5 Foundation | Dr Center Urgent Care | Peru

Hi ho, hi ho it's off to work we go.   – @drcenterurgentcare

Dr Center Urgent Care | Team 5 Foundation

Early morning evolution. @drcenterurgentcare

Matthew Griffin | Team 5 Foundation

Griff "Breaking Bad" with deworming meds. Global War on Parasites @drcenterurgentcare

Team 5 Foundation | Peru

TCCC training for Peruvian military medics. Mass casualty. – @drcenterurgentcare

Dr Center Urgent Care | Team 5 Foundation

One smile at a time. – @drcenterurgentcare

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  • Gary Moss

    Looking forward to the AK-47s arriving; great job you do!

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