This Week's FREE Gear Giveaway is Worth Over $100!!!!!

Combat Flip Flops with Arc'Teryx, America Grip, and Gerber

For this week's giveaway we here at Combat Flip Flops teamed up with the folks at Gerber, America Grip and Arc'Teryx to offer the BEST GIVEAWAY EVER!!! (or at least until next week). 

Items included in the Giveaway

Gerber US1 Folding Knife ($24.00 value)

America Grip Trucker Hat ($30.00 value)

Arc'Teryx Knee Caps ($60.00 value)

2 Paracord Bracelets ($15.00 value)

$25.00 Combat Flip Flops Gift Certificate

Enter for your FREE chance to win!

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