"Don't tell me what your priorities are.  Show me where you spend your money and I'll tell you what they are." ~ James W. Frick

It's pretty rare that something gets our attention enough to call out the insanity, but a recent Bloomberg Article about the F-35 program hung with us.  Thanks to our favorite intern, Mr. Suh, for sending over the link and the most relevant talking point.

The "estimated" operating cost of 90ish planes just increased $73 Billion to a total whopping $1.296 TRILLION.  

In comparison, the total appropriations for K-12 Education in 2019 was $40.1 Billion.

So that we're clear--"estimates" for increased operational costs for the most expensive weapons program in human history is nearly double what taxpayers spend on educating children in the United States every year. 

Don't feel bad.  It's not like you have a choice.  Just keep paying your taxes and everything will be alright.*


*If you don't believe that last statement, here's a link to find your representative.

Matthew Griffin


For all you geniuses. What was left out is that this is Federal appropriations. This is a canard and the writer should know it.
Your schools are paid for by federal and state appropriations as well as local taxes. When you start paying property tax to support our military, and state appropriations start being used to fund our defense structure, THEN, you have apples to apples comparison.

— Charles St. John

That total is what is spent by the federal Dept of Ed., correct? I would rather have the most local control of education dollars and not at the federal level to begin with. It would be worthwhile to see what the total spend on education (federal, state, local, etc.) is. So while I generally agree with the point being made here, the comparison is a bit off. You all rock, by the way. Love the mission!

— Steve

We need to keep our defensive posture ahead of the bad guys. Having said that there are other less expensive aircraft that meet our needs. Rules of engagement almost eliminate the F35’s capabilities of stealth technology. Worse is that politicians do not really care about the pilots, etc., but how they can benefit from their employment and in some cases their death. A real good question is who is making the most dollars and benefiting the most off of this program? Our educational system is not very good and most young people are indoctrinated not educated to think analytically. Heck cursive handwriting isn’t even offered in school in most states. Doesn’t fit in with the Fed’s agenda I suppose.


— Robert G. Leonard

Is this a joke or some deranged set of priorities???

— Jane Dockendorf