Team Rubicon | Combat Flip Flops | Disaster Relief

Team Rubicon is not your typical disaster response organization.

Born from the grit and determination of eight veterans and first responders

who provided aid to Haiti after the devastating earthquake in 2010, Team Rubicon has continued to provide world-class disaster response and humanitarian aid to communities in need around the world.

What makes Team Rubicon so unique?

They unite the skills and experiences of military veterans with first responders to get boots on the ground quickly after disaster strikes. Disasters present many of the same challenges that confront troops in war: distressed populations, limited resources, and uncertain information. The skills cultivated on those battlefields are invaluable in disaster zones.

By utilizing these skills through continued service with TR, their veterans gain 3 things they lose after taking off the uniform:

  1. A purpose gained through disaster relief
  2. A community built by serving with others
  3. And an identity created by joining a new mission

Team Rubicon | Combat Flip Flops | Disaster Relief

In 2016 alone, Team Rubicon has led the charge on over 40 disaster relief operations and counting.

From distributing water filters in Flint, Michigan, to mucking out flooded homes in Baton Rouge, to responding to those affected by Hurricane Matthew, to treating refugee patients in Greece - their volunteers are making an impact around the world.

One of those TR volunteers is Mike Martel (aka Detroit Mike).

Mike is a current Team Rubicon member, a former Marine, and an all-around badass. He recently deployed to Southern California with Team Rubicon to help the Department of Fish and Wildlife with the revitalization of the wetlands around the Sonny Bono Salton Sea National Wildlife Refuge. While there, Mike got dirty and put his TR x CFF Shemagh to good use:

“I ordered the CFF Shemagh prior to deploying. I expected 3 things, heat, sun and dust - the Shemagh helped with all of that. One of the more useful items I brought out there. Well made and the TR logo looks great. Thanks to Combat Flip Flops I have one more must-have in my pack.”

Team Rubicon | Combat Flip Flops Shemagh

This limited edition Team Rubicon Shemagh will not only protect your neck from the hot sun and keep dirt out of your grill on that extra filthy job; but your purchase will also support Team Rubicon veterans like Mike, and their response efforts for when the next disaster strikes. To make things even better, this TR Shemagh was sourced, loomed, and embroidered in Kabul, Afghanistan, and your purchase will also support the Aid Afghanistan for Education Foundation.

Look good. Feel good. Do good. 



Mandy Stephenson