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Stop for a Second and Ask Yourself a Few Questions.

What would I do if my neighborhood was subject to genocide?

Where would I go to protect my family?

What would I take?

When I get there, what's going to happen to my family?

More than likely, you're reading this questions from a smartphone, in a comfortable spot, and with a full belly.  Imagine asking yourself those questions while armed radicals are systematically clearing your village of "infidels."  Can you imagine the confusion, fear, or uncertainty?  

Unfortunately, this reality exists today and for the cost of a plane ticket and less than 24 hours of travel--you can put yourself in the center of it.

Last month, Combat Flip Flops traveled with the Adventure Not War crew to conduct the first known ski ascent descent of Iraq's tallest peak.  Using nature and adventure as a method of healing and closure for veterans, three combat veterans traveled to Iraq with a film crew to document the journey.  Coupled with adventure, the team conducts a philanthropic mission in the hopes of spreading good will, improving the perception of Americans in foreign lands, and plants a seed of hope for future adventurers.

Combat Flip Flops Stokesperson Zack Bazzi TentEd ISIS Iraq Syria

Combat Flip Flops TentED Zack Bazzi Stokesperson

Enter TentED.  It stands for "tent education."  Founded by Army Veteran, Zack Bazzi, TentED provides durable, rapidly deployable, and functional tent structures to provide education to the children affected by ISIS persecution and genocide.  With a handful of people, a pile of cement materials, a few shovels, and tent structure--we were able to build two school buildings in a morning.  

Combat Flip Flops TentED Zack Bazzi Stokesperson

This is what veteran-driven philanthropic work looks like.  

Find a problem.

Develop a solution.  

Raise funds.  



Repeat until the Problem is Solved.

We'd heard about Zack through Got Your 6.  Fortunately, we were able to witness his work first-hand.  It's inspiring.

Cobat Flip Flops TentED Zack Bazzi Stokesperson

As a result of the inspired actions of Zack Bazzi to go above and beyond to help those affected by ISIS, we are honored and proud to bestow Zack with the title:


Combat Flip Flops TentED Zack Bazzi Stokesperson

Please give Zack a virtual high five, check out TentED's website, and follow them on Facebook.  

Well Done Zack.  Well Done. 

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