Do you feel like celebrities who don't deserve public attention and affection get the most of it?

Ever feel like there are members of your community that do incredible work but don't get the recognition they deserve?

We feel that way too

That's why we're starting #StokepersonSaturday

Our intent with #StokepersonSaturday:

To recognize self-effacing, selfless civil servants who deserve public recognition but for one reason or another, do not attract it. #StokepersonSaturday will be a series recognizing individuals who contribute to their communities with the same hearts we at Combat Flip Flops have: taking action by assisting our respective communities, helping the under-privileged and disabled, and helping progress humanity

Today's #StokespersonSaturday: Brendan Mason. 

From our Chief Executive Badass Griff:

I mentioned that I like to take veterans archery elk hunting somewhere on the Unarmed Forces page and Brendan Mason posted up with a photo of a big bull on his property and an invite—to all veterans. 

Not only did he post the photo, but followed up via direct message. 

After a short exchange on DM and phone, he invited me out to survey his property in Teanaway, WA—an elk hunting mecca. 

We met at 8am on a Saturday, drank some Black Rifle Coffee, talked guns, and hiked beautiful terrain in preparation for elk season. 

Brendan is an IT Guru at REI, married to an bad ass entrepreneur, and a member of the Unarmed Forces. 

His invitation to offer his vacation property to veterans for hunting exemplifies the Unarmed Forces value of community.

For that, he is this week's #StokepersonSaturday.

— Matthew "Griff" Griffin

Enlist in the #UnarmedForces today.

Joe Suh