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Hi, I'm Rob Worthing. I'm a fly fishing guide, doctor, and Veteran. 

Combat Flip Flops asked me to share a bit about what I do and why, so here goes. The transition from military to civilian life is hard, as you get used to a certain method of operation.

Then things change, and that same way of operation no longer applies.

I was a military Doc, and started the transition to civilian life 7 years ago. Now, In my civilian life, I’m a Rehab Doc who works with Veterans. Some are fresh off Active Duty, others have been working at it for years. Most had it much harder on deployment than I ever had it.

I’m still working on transitioning, and rely on a lot of different tools to help me out.

This post is about two of them
– a dog, and a fly rod.


A Dog:

I don’t always feel like I fit in civilian life, the company of a good dog helps. A good dog follows you anywhere, and makes you feel like you belong right where you are. My dog is a very good dog. Plus, it turns out my dog's fur is perfect for tying fish-catching flies.


A Fly Rod:

I rely on the outdoors to recharge. I backpack, climb rocks, and fish. Specifically, I fish tenkara. Tenkara is a form of fly fishing that is stripped of everything except the most basic things you need to catch fish. It’s portable, adaptable, effective, easy to learn, and doesn’t break the bank when you’re getting started. Tenkara makes it easier for me to recharge.

Bottom Line:
Combine a tenkara fly fishing rod with a good dog, and you’ve got one hell of a great day.


Stay Tuned.

This post is the first in a series that tells the story of how a few Veterans use tenkara fly fishing as a tool to help.  Next time, we’ll talk more about tenkara fly fishing. Later, we’ll meet a few Vets and catch a few fish.


Post curated by Jack Sercu. 


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