Combat Flip Flops Anti War

Question #1
Are we Anti-war?

Fuck yes we are.

Have you ever been in a war? Seen your friends shot through the face? Attended a funeral for a brother that couldn’t take it anymore? Seen an injured child loaded onto a CASEVAC bird? Because of a war?

Wars are stupid.

As Steinbeck states,
“All war is a symptom of man’s failure as a thinking animal.”

As a species, we have been repeating this insane habit of putting little metal projectiles into one another as a method of foreign policy because our leaders can’t figure out how to do their job. Then they sell it to us as an honorable, massive achievement after we spend trillions of dollars putting ourselves in the same position to do it all over again. Wasting human potential and natural resources through the entire process. When you say it out loud, the absurdity of war should be apparent.

The Definition of Stupid: Knowing the truth, seeing the truth, but still believing in the lies.

Question #2
You help Afghan women, not Veterans. What is the purpose of this?

I’m going to ask you to stop reading this post, click HERE, then come back to finish the rest of this response. We’re vets and we spend a considerable amount of time helping our community. Educating little girls and helping veterans are not mutually exclusive endeavors.

As for helping women, I’ll ask you a few questions back, “Was your mother educated? Did she care about your education?”  

We educate women because we know, from experience and clinical studies that educating women is an extremely effective and responsible way to positively affect a developing nation. And, if the nation improves, we hopefully won’t have to send our sons and daughters to fight another war.  

Think 1980s in Afghanistan, what we did as a nation then, then think about what we’ve been doing since 2001, and now ponder our current policies for Afghanistan.  

Or if you want an easier example—Iraq.  

Please re-read my response to question number 1. If you want to avoid the insanity, we suggest educating women. As a nation, we’ve spent a great deal of human and financial capital on less solid plans. If you have any suggestions that doesn’t involve the loss of human life and builds a sustainable, peaceful relationships between nations—comment below.

Aid Afghanistan for Education

Question #3
How long does it take to get your flip flops?

Depends. We have dedicated team that knows every box that leaves the garage puts a girl in school for a day—everybody here is motivated. Lots of flip flops leave the shop daily.

Yeah. I get it. We’re not a major brand that has inventory sitting at your local fulfillment shop with 1-day delivery. We’re a veteran-owned small business working out of a cramped-ass garage, employing people in conflict zones, making high quality gear, that gives back.

This year, we’re going to do at least 600% growth. It’s tough to forecast, but I can make you a promise: If you order them, we will get them to you. Current back orders range from 1 day to 4 weeks. Read the product description or email customer service if you want better understanding of when your gear will ship.

Combat Flip Flops Delivery

Question #4
What are the Unarmed Forces?

If you’re pro-shooting-everybody-that-doesn’t-agree-with-you, than we’re probably not the company for you.

If you think that people should be educated, have jobs, and stop shooting one another, than you’re welcome to stand with us. We’d love to have you in the Unarmed Forces community.



Combat Flip Flops Unarmed Forces

Matthew Griffin


“Borders frequented by trade seldom need soldiers.” William Schurz – Thunderbird School of Global Management

— Ben Bronson

As a former Combat Medic in Vietnam, I think what you are doing is great. I often tell people that war is direct evidence of our failures not our successes. While I am anti war, I still support the right to gun ownership and advocate for Root Cause Mitigation as a way to end most gun violence rather than outright bans.

— Lonny Weissman

Awesome response. I didn’t have the infantry experience, but in the C-130 hauled enough “HR” and smelled enough Medevac missions to know that the price of war is beyond stupid. It is sad and dangerous that our country is so addicted to war, and our fellow citizens have become so numb to it – and down the path it takes us. Thought you might appreciate I came across the original Quaker “SPEAK TRUTH TO POWER” report from 1955 – it’s all there! Prophetic and sad at the same time. Take out the religious part if you want, but people have known all along where the road militarism will take us. I love what you are doing. Power to the Unarmed Forces.

— Solon

Not a vet, but the daughter of a WW II vet. Love what you guys are doing. And you must be doing something right cause the haters are coming out if the woodwork. Continue the good fight and God bless

— Beth Hamaty

Do you have anything sturdier than flip-flops?
Big wars are started by elites who are energy vampires and not totally human. Look up David Icke, Credo Mutwa and what really weird stuff Hitler did for entertainment. I mean this will make a normal human barf.
I’m a normal human, I think. Be blessed.

— Katherine Behr

@Gary- Yes, that’s the T55 at A-bad. That was the day the Ranger mechanics got it fired up after sitting for a few years. Pretty cool experience.

— Griff

I was just curious if the tank in the photo is the one from the fire base outside of Asadabad? Nice to see your still preaching the good word Griff. Maybe we’ll get a chance to ski together again in the future.

— Gary Barnes

@Jason – Thanks for the support!

@Joe – Drive on doing what you do!

@Beaver – Thank you for writing a comment that made us write the word, “Beaver.”

@Jerry – It’s a two step process. You have to educate the women first and within a decade or so, you’ll have educated mothers raising educated sons. It’s a dilemma for sure.

@John – Because they suck to fight in. Seriously, you ever got in a tangle in flip flops? Definitely not shod for the throwdown.

— Griff

Words of wisdom!

— Jon Nugent

Pro vet business, love what you guys do. But have to slightly disagree on the topic of war, yeah it’s fucking horrible and brings out the worst of humanity, but one has to acknowledge that at a certain point war becomes necessary when diplomatic solutions fail or one group of people/nation is intent on destroying you and your way of life. Just my 2 cents.

— Nate

Michael Laabs, a 34 year veteran of the military, was most proud of the schools he helped get built for girls in Iraq. THE ACCOMPLISHMENT HE WAS MOST PROUD OF, besides his daughter, was the effort put into building those schools. He lived across the way from a field of wind turbines, and when we would sit on the front porch swing and watch those babies turn, he’d laugh and say what a beautiful view, freedom from oil (and all that such freedom implies). I wish he were still here to put these on his feet after a slathering of lotion. I think he loved getting his feet cared for about as much as you-know-what.

— Dani

I’ve had my floperators for years and they rock. No one hates wars more than those who have to fight them. Good work guys.

— Kelly

New customer for life right here! Preach it brother!


If you’re not slaying bodies, then fuck you.

— Ricky Bobby

Well done to all those at Combat Flip Flops. First, to the quality of the product. I have the Floperators. Well made and comfortable. I am extremely satisfied and will return frequently. Second, to the objectives and conduct of the organization. Anything we can do to abate the ravages of war is a step in the right direction. One thing is clear from the comments and email that you receive. This item is that only those who have experienced the carnage wrought by war can devote to making the world a better place on any ground available.

The fight continues, and war sucks.

— Eric

Bravo! Much respect for you guys and all that you do!

— Eric Trudel

10 year active duty US ARMY Infantry combat veteran, currently a missionary with operations in Nicaragua and Thailand helping women and children in the most extreme poverty conditions. My Tuk Tuks are on my feet when I’m in both places and everywhere else. Love you guys, love my gear, love what you’re doing. God Bless the CFF crew.

— Roy

I loved serving as an Active Duty infantry Marine and I’m proud of what I did while deployed – That said, my driving force was that someday we’d figure things out and put the Corps out of a job. As a service member, if you’re not fighting to make things better… WTF are you fighting for? I work at the largest no-kill, open intake animal shelter in the Midwest: we don’t turn any animal away, ever. I couldn’t do much to fix people, but I can help dogs move past flawed humans.

— Ian

I think what you guys are doing and what you stand for is awesome. I have just one question, why did you decide on flip flops as your initial product? Don’t get me wrong, I live in FL and wear them myself almost exclusively year round..I was just wondering :)

— John Girton

While I agree with the premise of educating girls/women, it’s not (in general), females who are shooting or blowing themselves up. It’s kinda like the current education system in the US, we have put the boys on adderall, and are educating the girls, and it’s the young men who are committing mass shootings. Maybe a real effort to include the boys and young men would be a good idea?! I was in service during the Carter adminstration and often wonder if the hands off approach works? The people we left alone are now running Iran, and exporting grief… Just a thought…

— Jerry

Thanks for your comments Griff,
I’m proud to stand with you and your patrons as a Vet and a member of the Unarmed Forces. Love your products. Love your mission. I’m a lifelong customer.

— Beaver

From the first time I heard about you guys I have been continually impressed… from your mission, your motivation, the TED Talk, and the bad ass products. I lead outdoor adventure trips for our fellow brothers and sisters and I constantly plug your products and wear your gear. This response is fucking beautiful and only enhances my support for what you guys are doing.

— Joe Shearer

How do I order flip flops?

— Adrienne Rudat

This is an awesome response and as a veteran of Afghanistan with the 82nd, I can’t agree with you more about the absurdity of war. Your guys product rocks and I have two pairs of your sandals. I love you are helping women in countries less fortunate than us and you rocked it on Shark Tank. Your comments about war are why I am leaving the service for good and becoming a Paramedic. I love supporting you guys and your mission!


— Jason