Do you have the answer to this Iraq War veteran's question? #VeteransDay

(PHOTO CREDIT: Zack Bazzi)

TentEducation's Executive Director Zack Bazzi writes:

Training with Iraqi police circa early 2005. I suspect many of the officers we worked with and befriended are long dead now.

It was the beginning then of Iraq's long and tragic descent into chaos. American troops and their coalition counterparts put their heart and soul into the Iraq mission, but fixing the unfixable was a bridge too far—an American vision wholly detached from Iraq's tumultuous reality.

There are many ways to honor military veterans. A meaningful way would be for Americans to take pause and reflect, question and re-question how our country understands warfare; how it affects us at home and those we fight abroad.

Hence, when our government is considering waging war, which in many cases is both necessary and justifiable, we must demand an answer to the one essential question: Is an intervention in another country's affairs, however repulsive they may be, worth the life of a young American service member? 

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