CFF Doppleganger Contest


In honor of Halloween, we're throwing down the gauntlet and issuing a challenge:

Whoever does the best job of mocking up or dressing up as Griff, Lee or Andy will win a bunch of new, exclusive CFF gear. 

Step #1: Get creative. Spoof em' with a good Photoshop edit, Meme or take a photo pretending to be one of the guys. Props for group efforts. 

Step #2: Post a photo doing your best impression on Instagram. Use #CFFDoppleganger and tag us @combatflipflops

Step #3: Tell your friends/family to like your photo. Whoever's picture gets the most likes will win.* 

Want inspiration?
You can follow them on Instagram here:




Now, go get creative and find ways to capture these fellas in all their weird and rugged glory.

Andy Sewrey | Combat Flip Flops

Hear more about it in Griff's latest Facebook Live video. 


*Contest is live now through 10/31. Winner will be announced at 9PM EST on 10/31.

Mandy Stephenson
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