Introducing the "Anything You Can Do" Challenge

Vincent "Rocco" Vargas Big Papi Combat Flip Flops


The premise is simple. 

Step 1:
Get our stokespeople to do something ridiculously badass, and/or crazy.

Step 2:
Get Griff to respond in kind. 

And, well, our boy Vincent "Rocco" Vargas did not
pull any punches in the first edition of the
Anything You Can Do Challenge. 

 The End Result:Vincent "Rocco" Vargas Big Papi Combat Flip Flops

Ready for Griff's response? 

Stay Tuned.


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Mandy Stephenson
Mandy Stephenson


1 Response

Eric Totel
Eric Totel

August 05, 2016

Damn, Rocco. Them ’r some ugly toes, bro…

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