Inspiring USA-Ink: Announcing Free Tattoos For Veterans

Branded Warriors Inc

By Jack Sercu

You’re probably thinking, “Wow, that’s a sweet tattoo” —because it is.

And if you knew the reason somebody had it, and the way they got it, you'd like it even more.

Reader, meet Branded Warriors Inc. Branded Warriors Inc, meet reader.

Branded Warriors Inc

BWI was established in March of 2016, with a mission to help put an end to the 22 vets that take their lives every day.

Their method of doing that is tattoo therapy. Founder and CEO Brian Conwell was moved to start BWI after tattoo therapy helped him cope with many of the issues he sustained in 10 years in the Army.

Branded Warriors Inc

Once a veteran contacts BWI, it coordinates payments for a local tattoo shop to give the veteran a tattoo, using the money they raise. Leading up to the tattoo, Conwell has lots of vet-to-vet conversations. Following that, the veteran goes in themselves, meets with the artist, then designs and receives the tattoo.

How you can help:

If you're a tattoo artist... 

You can donate your time and materials to make a tattoo free for the veteran, which is also tax deductible. Contact if interested in doing so.


If you own tattoo shop... 

You can donate your service which is also tax deductible, and results earns your business BWI-preferred status. Perks also include free advertising on social media and and radio. Contact the above email address if interested.


If you're in the area... 

Attend a local fundraiser in either Streamwood, IL on September 18th from 1-6 PM at The Chicago Loop Sports Bar and Grill or the fundraising event in Bessemer City, NC at Whiskey Mills Bar on October 15th at Noon. 


If you can't make it... 

You can still buy tickets to the raffles that will take place at the fundraisers. Get yours from anywhere around the country by emailing Prizes include a shotgun and other items.


If you want to do a straight donation... 

Donate to their GoFundMe


Tattoos are very important to veterans, and they serve as a tangible form of expression, allowing them to  express their feelings, previous events or anything else they would like to. In addition to coordinating tattoos, BWI serves as a friend and mentor to the veterans if they are struggling.  


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