Freedom For All Feet: Introducing the ARS

Amputee Retrofit Strap Combat Flip Flops

The numbers don't lie.

Data shows that the number of individuals
with battle-injury major limb amputations
for OEF, OFS, OIF, OND, and OIR
is at 1,645+.

Combat Flip Flops Amputee Retrofit Strap

Our military brothers deserved a
summer footwear solution...

We were stoked to answer
the call. 

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With help from our manufacturing partners, Tactical Tailor, we created the
Amputee Retrofit Strap (ARS) for our
Floperator model. 

Combat Flip Flops Tactical Tailor

The Floperator Amputee Retrofit Strap (ARS) secures the Floperator flip flop to a prosthetic foot, so even if you're missing a wheel, you can navigate every season with confidence.

Combat Flip Flops Amputee Retrofit Strap

The ARS is available as a free accessory to the men and women who deserve it most. 

Thank you for your sacrifice, we're proud to have you in the Unarmed Forces. 

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  • james spiegel

    Great Idea but you forgot to ship the strap for amputee

  • Hannah Buzhardt

    Freaking awesome!!! Y’all rock!

  • Ramona M

    That is soo cool!!!!

  • Bob King

    F-ing AWESOME. Outstanding work!!

  • Jack Richardson

    You guys are the CHAMPS. I’m a Vet, But not a Wounded one and I really appreciate your product and the additions you;‘ve made for our Wounded Brothers. Thank You so Much.
    jack richardson USN ’74-’77

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