It's the middle of summer and
the stoke is real.

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Brock B. 

#‎CombatFlipFlops‬ ‪#‎Badforrunning‬ ‪#‎Greatformarryingbestfriend‬
This wedding alone put a little girl in Afghanistan through school for 9 days!!

Combat Flip Flops


Mark S. 

"Stomping around Akumal, Me in these bad boys. Arrived just in time. They are rugged, durable and get more comfy with every step. Thanks CFF. Wife is enjoying hers as well."

Tuck Tucks


Ryan J. 

"Finally got them in and couldn't be happier with the quality. Tacked on some custom patches and I'm off to Costa Rica to represent!"



Jerry C. 

Floperators and La Chancla's. So comfortable. Keep up the outstanding work!

Floperators La Chanclas


Greg P. 

We're ridin' dirty; this might be fate. 3 words for your face: B*tch - I - Floperate.



Michael W. 

"My Combat Flip Flops came in today. The company that makes them is owned by former Army Rangers and uses the proceeds to send Afghani girls to school. "Business not Bullets"

Tuck Tucks


John D. 

"The bad assery involved in what you guys are doing alone is worth the weight in gold. As promised best 40 bucks I've spent this year. Buy a pair you won't regret it!"


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