Combat Flip Flops Newest Stokesperson!

It's a privilege and honor to announce

Combat Flip Flops Stokesperson: 

Kirstie Ennis

Kirstie is a Florida native, Marine Veteran, and all around bad-ass.  Since leaving the military, she's racked up more than a few wins.  You can read about her Warrior Games Gold Medals, 7 Summit climbs, and other adventures all over the internet.  Seriously--a Google search will make you feel like tackling the world.  

But it's not what we do for ourselves that matters.  It's what we do for others.  In all conversations leading up to this nomination, Kirstie mentioned the notes from parents of amputee children.  Every time she posts a positive, empowering photo, a child knows what's possible for their future.  

Combat Flip Flops Stokesperson Kirstie Ennis

That's the job of a Stokesperson: 

To show others what's possible, and encourage them to do so.

Turn emotion into action.  

Welcome to the crew Kirstie!

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  • Tara Johns

    She seems like an amazing person. I’m glad you chose her to be on your team.

  • Timothy C Kerr

    Could not have picked a better person than her. I first met her, while I was a Duty Manager for the USO at Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan. She was one of our finest volunteers, she got her nickname “Combat Barbie”, nothing but great words for her. Kirstie Marie, you rock and best too you on your next adventure 👍👍

  • Lynda Troyan

    That’s wonderful.
    Couldn’t get a better person.
    So careing and willing to help everyone become what they want to be. Strong and tackle the World

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