GB Auerbach art

At the Got Your 6 Storytellers event in Los Angeles last week, Griff was able to connect with some amazing veterans, patriots and people who work to support the veteran community.

One of those individuals is a man named Greg Auerbach, a mixed-media artist based in Los Angeles who uses "spray paint, bullet shells, resin, paint, inks, stencil, silk screen and various created methods of experimentation and found object playfulness in his work."

Greg’s biggest passion is political work. “Future: No Future,” depicts scenes of ongoing world travesties and their repercussions (i.e. homelessness, energy crisis, global warming).

He invited the CFF crew to his latest show opening and we're excited to introduce some of his work to you here. 

 GB Auerbach

GB Auerbach

GB Auerbach 

Not only were we excited to meet Greg, but we got a double dose of stoke when the New York Post released the video of yet another artistic American badass. Scott LoBaido, we salute you.

Scott has an upcoming show in Staten Island on November 19.
Check it out if you're in NY!


In conclusion: 

Make art,

exercise your freedom of speech,

& be proud to be an American. 

Mandy Stephenson


Well done Griff—not only do our Vets have great stories to tell, they bring incredible talent to our country! God Bless, Buck

— Buck Frymier