The Erathr3 E3D Shemagh

Erathr3 Shemagh by Combat Flip Flops via Blog

This is a story of making it happen, in the face of danger... because people are rad.

Our friends over at Erathr3 approached us and asked, "Hey, you guys make kick ass shemaghs.  Can you make us a Camo shemagh?"

Our response, "Need 24 hours."
Afghan Factory Response, "Awww yeah."

In the following weeks, factories spun yarn, built screens, and started cranking out prototypes.  Then the bombs started.  If you don't recall, last Summer and Fall was extremely deadly in Kabul.  And our print shop was in the thick of it.  When the printer stopped answering his phone, our contact hunted him down.  Due to the daily bombings in his neighborhood, he feared going to work. 

Nothing gets accomplished with a focus on Fear.

Without prompting from Combat Flip Flops, the factory manager conducted a night op.  Under the cloak of darkness, they rolled in with trucks and a platoon of Afghans, yanked the printing gear, and set up the facility in a secure location.  The result...


Want one of these war zone beauties?

Buy them HERE

Big shout out to Sterling, Sheri, and Jason at Erathr3 for your faith, trust, and support.  Your purchase pushed Combat Flip Flops past our 2015 goal of 52 years of schooling for Afghan girls. 




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