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Be Bold

There are a lot of people finishing their second week of the New Year, who have already forgotten about their resolutions.  Want to know why?  It's because they resolved to do things they should already be doing.  Lose weight, eat healthier, read more, travel more, ETC.  What they need to do, is just do what they should, when they should. That's why most people lost track of resolutions so quickly. 
They resolve to do things that are important, but not big, and not bold.
Brad Christian Adventure Operations Group Being Bold Teton Climbing via Combat Flip Flops Blog

Take it one step further.  What gets us in the most trouble, in life, at work, in the outdoors or downrange is not doing what needs to be done, what we should do, when the time calls for it. When that happens, we get off track and get in trouble. Getting back on track takes some real effort then.  It usually takes bold action to course correct when we've strayed from the right path.

But what if we could avoid that fate altogether? 

What if, each year we started off on track?  

What if we did what needed to be done, when we needed to do it?  

What if we then used our reserve of bold action to build something new, to climb a mountain, surf a giant wave or ride into a new adventure with friends?  

What could we accomplish?  

Brad Christian Adventure Operations Group via Combat Flip Flops Blog

What would we figure out if our boldness was used to move forward, not side to side?  

Do you sincerely think that if you resolved to climb the Grand Teton in 2016, that you would have forgotten it already? 

Let's make 2016 the year to find out.  Wake up tomorrow determined to do what needs to be done in you're life, when it needs to be done, the right way.  Then, find something that excites you, inspires you, or challenges you, and be bold.  You won't forget a bold resolution.  

What's yours going to be?




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