Talk S%$t Tuesday

It's that day of the week.  

To be honest, this gets us through Monday.

It's meant to be funny and engaging.  If you take it any other way, please leave a comment below for us to address your concern.  


Combat Flip Flops 

10.  Set the Pace.  

9.  This one made us proud.  When Marcus Lemonis from NBC's "The Profit" purposefully cut a tape to make a Veteran Business owner look bad, the Veteran community responded with this.  CFF Sponsored Trolling.  Dig it.


8.  If you don't know, we support Team 5 Foundation.  No likes.  Just work.  


7.  Because we know you're going to be dealing with somebody like this all week.  


6.  Oh... We get so distracted and forgetful.


5.  Energy flows where the attention goes.  

5b)  If you didn't notice the condition of the flag, give it another look.

4)  Just put a raggae beat to it this week.  It'll be alright.


3)  You never comment on our Talk S%$t Tuesday posts.  It's embarrassing.  Step it up.

2)  Crushed a workout, then saved a few souls.

 Jesus did Crossfit

1)  We hope everybody remembers this week is about giving, faith through struggle, and redemption.

For the Haters.


Comment below; it'll be like Christmas gifts for the Combat Flip Flops crew.  Thanks.


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