Are We The Only Ones Scratching Our Heads?

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Combat Flip Flops 


  • Matt M

    Unbelievable, and unacceptable. I am hoping that DHS just sent the wrong person, and that someone somewhere in DHS has this basic info, but that’s probably wishful thinking.

    And if it is true that no one in DHS knows these answers, then seriously W T F on so many levels.

  • Rich Johns

    I cannot believe this person with such a High Governmental Job in a Huge Security department did such a poor job of testifying. IF she was a Briefer in Any military unit, she would be busted and probably sent to some place like Greenland or Maybe DROC to finish out her ‘final’ military assignment. Where were her ‘Brain-book’ minions that Should have been their with all the stats she needed. Wonder what physical incentives she used BESIDES her Resume to get that job? Disgusted. Rich Johns 82nd and SF 74-98, Security Contractor 03-13 Iraq.

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