It's really hard to write these posts without giggling.  Seriously.  The thought of people trying to figure out some of the jokes, possibly being offended, and not knowing whether they should laugh or not.  We love this stuff.

Life is too short.  Have a great Tuesday.  Talk some S%$t.  We're waiting.


Combat Flip Flops 

#10.  Set the Pace.

9.  Yes.


8.  I see what you did there.

7.  A few of you get it.

6.  The most simple solution is usually the most correct.

5.  Now for a turn to the more serious topics.

4.  This makes us smile for some reason.  

3.  Yeah.  Get'm.  

2.  Past performance is the best indicator of future actions.

1.  When you break it down by the numbers.

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Matthew Griffin