We love creativity.  We especially love creativity tied to a message.  And thanks to Al Gore and his Internet, we have a lot of that creativity floating around these days.  After the awesome response from our previous Top 10 Refugee Meme post, we thought it might be a good thing.

So... Memes in the Combat Flip Flops feed.  Some political, sexist, humorous, or whatever you call making fun of millennials.    And because we care, we thought we'd share the TOP 10 from the Combat Flip Flops feed.

We love our Constitution, fought for it, and going to help you exercise your 1st Amendment rights as much as possible.  Feel free to talk as much S&$t as possible.  This is a "safe place."


Combat Flip Flops

#10 For those that know who controls the hate.

#9 Love those Double Standards

#8  For the Pantless Patriots

#7  #Motivation

#6  So glad we grew up in the 80's.

#5  Since everything posted on the internet is #Fact, here's a good one.

#4  The Good Ol' Days.

#3  You didn't think we'd let this one slide, did you?

#2  Merry Christmas (We Say That Here)

#1  This one caused us to wipe coffee off the monitor.  Enjoy.

Comment, Share, Talk S$&t.  Let it fly.  Comment below.  


Matthew Griffin


#6, for sure.

— Stryder