Combat Flip Flops 7 things learned with Leo Jenkins Army Ranger Author Nomad
  1.  Art is Art.  The written word.  Paint on canvas. iPhone to Youtube.  If you’re a creative--you’re a creative.  Don’t fight it.  Just go with it.  There’s a large number of us former knuckledraggers that try to deny it.  We have to be manly men, engineers, business leaders.  Not true.  You can be creative and successful.  If you put the same energy you put into being a creative as you did being a Ranger, you’ll be successful.  Have faith you were given those talents for a reason.

  2. He doesn’t actually own shoes.  While conducting standard rolling linkup in the airport arrivals lane, Leo gracefully weaved between wanna-be nomads, jumped into shotgun, and tossed his light blue backpack over his left shoulder into the back seat.  When I looked down--Floperators.  Proud moment.
    Combat Flip Flops 7  things learned with Leo Jenkins Army Ranger Author Nomad
  3. You can always travel with less.  I take pride in a minimalist lifestyle, but Leo takes it to another level.  Years of nomadic adventures proved his lightweight loadout.  I didn’t actually ask, but I assume his loadout consisted of a notepad, pen, sunglasses, flip flops, and a handful of t-shirts.  He was in and out of our lives with what appeared to be a half-full Camelbak 30L bag.  
    Combat Flip Flops 7  things learned with Leo Jenkins Army Ranger Author Nomad
  4. Warn people about Northwest Beer.  “I feel like a wet bag of dog sh!t smashed with a hammer.”  Apparently Mexican beer doesn’t have as many hangover enducing ingredients.  Noted.

  5. Leo measures wealth in free time.  In the many conversations, it always came back to “time.”  How much time do we have to be with our loved ones?  How much time do we have to travel to those destinations we always wanted to visit?  How much time do we have to pursue our dreams?  A large number of us get caught in the North American rat race of, “nicer car, bigger house, and a fat paycheck,” but does that really give us the freedom we seek.  If time is the most precious commodity in the world, then why don’t we measure our wealth in time instead of belongings?  

  6. His vocabulary is at least 5 times larger than mine (7 when inebriated).  No further point here.  Just wanted to confirm that he’s an author and sounds like one.

  7. He loves dongles. After years without a phone, Leo “went deep in the paint” with an iPhone 7.  He’s now entered a world of dongles, text messaging, and apps that create memes.  Here’s Leo's first mixtape and below is his first meme.  Enjoy.

Combat Flip Flops 7  things learned with Leo Jenkins Army Ranger Author Nomad

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Matthew Griffin


What in the fuck is a dongle?

— Mike speva

Leo is an inspiring and courageous man and wise beyond his years. Damn it, I need my shoes! But he makes me want to give them up and live a simpler life. I’m not there but I appreciate and whole-heartedly respect everything he represents – everything that we know to be true – that time is our most precious commodity, Leo and Lauren (his fiancé) continue to push my personal boundaries – an internal battle is now brewing and it’s tough but I thank them for introducing a whole new way of viewing the world. One shoe at a time, or flip-flop in Leo’s case!

— Cassie Connolly

Griff is right on target! Leo is the real deal-nomad… In the past few months I have been lucky enough to spend solid time with him, with our team and his amazing fiance. Although he does not own a home, fancy cars, clothes, shoes that cover his toes or even a watch, he is the richest person I know. While most of us are filling our accounts with dead presidents hoping to be secure, he fills his life with memories and adventures that everyone promises they will do when they retire. As every day is a gift, and we never know how many more we will have, Leo lives a minimalist amazing life that allows you to stop and smell the roses. Even though Leo is 18 years younger than me, lately I am the student.

— Hammer