In case you missed it, this is what's going on with our Nation's Civilian and Military Leadership. While they bicker and posture, we're about to send more American Service members into harm's way.



Before anyone in the Pentagon, Senate, Congress or White House decides to send more Americans, billions of dollars and other aid to Syria...


They need to get their s**t together beyond 3 "R's".


Given our peaceful mission and generally positive demeanor, people tend to misunderstand our experience with conflict and knowledge of the violence that precedes economic change.  


I am for removing evil from this world.  


Genocidal dictators, violently religious zealots, human rights abusers, etc..  They need to go and be an example to others that may think about following in their footsteps. That being said, I am not for doing it if we're not willing to come together as a nation, commit to seeing it through, and dedicated to taking care of service members once they've done what we've asked of them. To not do this would be to have our "leadership" pull a perpetual "Blue Steel" / "Magnum" on the American people and warfighters.


Are we seriously going to do the same thing after Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq?


Our friends over at Havok Journal wrote this amazing piece on what it takes to truly win a war. Please read it. It may change your perspective on the romantic idea of war. I wish everybody in Congress, Senate, The White House and THE STATE DEPARTMENT would read it. Then they might understand that what they're asking our military to do and why their inability to form a plan will only end in another debacle, the downgrade of the U.S. in the world's view, and most importantly, the loss of American lives.
Matthew Griffin


@Susan – Thanks for your support. Stoked to have you with us.

@Thomas – The fact what we even have to joke about it is sad.

— CFF.Griff

Totally hear you but don’t you really think the whole situation is a bit more Le Tigre than Blue Steel?

— Thomas Barnhill

Griff, very well stated. I caught a bit of the hearing yesterday…drama. Just drama.
My heart breaks for our military men and women under this Administration. Our nation seems, generally, clueless.
Bless you & yours. s.

— Susan Stephenson