How-To: The Claymore

Ever wonder why Jack Bauer rocked the satchel?

It almost seems too simple, doesn't it?  Cloth bag.  Three Holes.  Simple Strap. Yup.  That's it. After years of toting around laptop bags in over-padded 1000D recepticals, we were determined to make a bag as minimalist as a flip flop.  As coincidence would have it, an old M7 Claymore Mine Bandoleer was the perfect dimension for the mobile office setup--The Combat Flip Flops Claymore was born. 

Combat Flip Flops Claymore Bag from MeltawayProductions on Vimeo.

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Key requirements.

1) It has to look cool
2) It has to hold everything I need to work anywhere on the planet.
3) It doesn't scream, "Hey, I'm tactical"  Just tacticool.
Combat Flip Flops Claymore Loadout via Combat Flip Flops Blog
Current Loadout--Varies on destination and local laws.

Clockwise from Top Left: Ipad with Zagg Keyboard, Smith Sunglasses in case, Phone/Mag Pouch, Powertraveller Power Gorilla, Pear Sports Heartrate Monitor, Kensington 4 port USB charger, cables, Mac Adapters, Arc'teryx belt pouch, Stickers, Nemo Slim Wallet, Arc' Moleskin, gel pen, Leatherman Skeletool CS, LED Laser Flashlight, Glock 19 in Orange Diamond Concealment Holster.


Is it secure?

With three methods of closure, it keeps in the goods and enables you rapid access. Magnetic closures:  We offer an upgrade to the bag with the Fighter Design magnetic retrofit kits for the Hook/Loop.  Simply apply the magnets to the sewn on velcro and you have a flap that closes with gravity and stay secure with the magnets.  No fuss for entry and closure of the bag.

Hook/Loop:  When traveling, I remove the magnets and secure them to the loop panel inside of the front pockets.  When the bag is worn, there is a definitive audible when the flap is opened.  Provides piece of mind.

Button + Hook/Loop:  When out of the country and play the part of the obvious American target, the old-school buttons provide a solid feel to the opening of the front flap after the audible tug of the hook/loop.

Combat Flip Flops Claymore

 Claymore Fully loaded with room to spare.  

Can I carry a pistol in it?

If you're a free man, you can do whatever you want.  But yes, you can carry a pistol in it with a few configurations.  For the economic and not-recommended method, you can use the cell phone/magazine pouch.  Our friends over at MOTUS carried a full frame 1911 in it.  For the approved version, we use the velcro backed kydex holster.

 Combat Flip Flops Claymore Bag

How do you adjust the strap?

The strap is a standard two-point weapon sling.

1)  If you're right or left handed, position the clip so that the toggle and slider are on your clavical/neckline when worn and fully open.

2)  Adjust the ladder lock ends to the the length correct.

3)  Cut and burn the ends for the clean look.

4)  Tug the tab to tighten.  Pull the toggle to loosen.

In case the description above is confusing, here's a video.  

But I'm not tactical, tacticool, or a hipster.  

Is this the right bag for me?

If you want a bad ass bag, made in America, that can haul everything from a laptop to a rack of Rainiers, yes.

Van Gogh with Combat Flip Flops Claymore via Blog

 Don't listen to the haters.

Trust the dude with no ears.

Rock the Original Claymore. 

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Combat Flip Flops Claymore




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    Currently looking all over trying to find one of these!

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    Please bring these back already!

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    Are you guys going to start making these bags again?

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