Time to Rally the Unarmed Forces

Situation: Combat Flip Flops is a semifinalist for a local bank grant. Funds will be used to buy tooling for a Made-In-The-USA Flip Flop. Most votes = Winners

Mission: The Unarmed Forces provide and overwhelming number of votes to Kitsap Bank NLT 12 OCT 2015 in order to create USA jobs for veterans so that we can all kick ass in flip flops.

Execution: Vote at the link below, do the email verification, and then share the hell out of this post.

Service Support: CFF will be distributing good Karma at the finish line.

Command and Signal: Updates will be posted here. But share on Facebook, Twitter, IG, Parascope, Carrier Pigeon, Cups and String, Etc. You get the point.

Go. Do good things.



The Dude
Tagged: Motivation Stoke


I hope you win!

— Diane Lehman