2016 has been full of amazing wins.

There are 3 important people we want to thank today for supporting, encouraging and loving us along the way. 


From Andy:

Beautiful, powerful, joyful, creative, supportive, adventurous, relentless, goofy, wicked smart, and above all, a spectacular mother.  You set the bar high babe, where it should be.... With grace, as few can. Happy Mother's Day, Kristy.

Combat Flip Flops Mother's Day


From Lee:

22 years and 3 kids later, you're still the most beautiful and amazing woman I have ever met. Happy Mother's Day, Maria. I love you. 

Combat Flip Flops Mother's Day

From Griff:

Happy Mother's Day Michele!  Thank you for showing our girls how to adventure, appreciate nature, and face danger like a boss. Couldn't have wished for a better partner to raise amazing women.

Combat Flip Flops Mother's Day

We hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day. 

Sending special thoughts and prayers to the mother's with children overseas. Our hearts are with you and we thank you for raising such brave men and women. 
The Dude
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