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Since 2003, Aid Afghanistan for Education (AAE) has worked tirelessly to educate marginalized Afghans. Some were deprived of an education during the years of war. Others did not have access to the formal education system.

Currently, more than 3,000 female and 100 male students are attending AAE schools across Afghanistan. Check out their latest video below to see the faces of some of the people the #UnarmedForces are helping. 

By educating mothers, we educate the family.

Empowered and educated women become changemakers in their communities. The longer a girl is in school, the longer she will wait to marry and have children. Women carry their education back to their communities to improve their family’s lives through better income. This means they can help deter radicalization and promote an alternative path to peaceful opportunities.

Educating Afghan Women Combat Flip Flops AAE

By educating women, we promote peace. 

The Combat Flip Flop mission is to make positive change in conflict areas. In the short term, we provide jobs for hardworking entrepreneurs that take potential radicals off the streetwith the goal of keeping our service members safe. In the long run, we fund education for women in Afghanistan. Educated women raise educated families. And educated families are tough to radicalize. 

We're stoked to be able to offer handmade Shemaghs, Sarongs and Cashmaghs that are made in a woman-owned factory in Afghanistan, because each item we sell puts an Afghan woman in school for a day. Since 2/5, we've been able to put 68 Afghan girls in secondary school for a year. Thank you for helping us affect change.

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Mandy Stephenson


Thank you for all that you do! Not only do you all Provide service to our country, but your business model is splendid, and inspiring. Just ordered my first pair of AK-47s! Thank you for you’re service!

— Tim Semeraro