10. Ye Old Face Swap | Terrifying and fantastic. 

April Fools' Day

















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9. Pull, throw, run | Because your friends love smelling like fresh linen. 

military april fools prank


8. "Babe, can you get the mail?" | Ruthless and effective. 


7. Leave a log for a friend | Sanitary AND fun. 

april fool's day military prank


6. "It's behind the milk!" | Gets em' every time. 

DIY head in jar


5. Give them a whale of a tale. | Stylish/functional-ish.

car april fools day prank


4. Don't just make a scene, make ears bleed.

military april fools day prank


3. "I'll have the catch of the day, please." 

military office april fools' prank


2. Prank Level: Expert 

sticky note april fools' prank


1. "It's okay, it's just a prank!" | Life-ruining 101



HA HA. Good one. 

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Mandy Stephenson
Tagged: MS


My twin sister the week before April fools took off someone else’s mirror while backing up in a parking lot.

With this in mind I saw a perfect opportunity to prank her when I saw her car in a parking lot. I made it look like someone hit her mirror and re-attached it with some scotch tape. On her windshield I put a piece of paper with the following written on it (in the worst English possible):

“Sory I hit yo car. My bad I owe you one. I hope it be good now wit this tape
-George Mendez

Needless to say she was pretty pissed off when she saw this and called me up explaining the situation. She hung up the second I said April Fools.

— Tyler Miazga