The Claymore - Waxed Canvas 15 Inch

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A claymore bag is carried for two reasons:

  1. You're a bad ass because you got to set off a claymore.
  2. It's a versatile bag to carry everything from breaching charges to toiletries.

The Claymore by Combat Flip Flops takes the best features of minimalist M7 bandoleer design, injects business, and enables you to carry the new weapons of change.

  • Each bag purchased funds 1 week of Secondary School For An Afghan Girl


  • Waxed Canvas
  • 2 point weapons sling confidently carries the load while providing rapid deployment of business tools
  • Versatile hook attachment system in outer pockets for infinite gear configuration
  • Main pocket carries up to a 15" Macbook and outfitted with MOLLE webbing to hold accessory iPad, Surface, Kindle cases
  • This bag has minimal padding, so don't intend to toss this thing around with your uber-laptop inside.
  • Elastic daisy-chain in front pockets holds pocket knives, pens, lighters and other quick access items
  • 5.56 mag/cell phone holder and sun glass case come standard
  • 3 point flap access: button, hook and look, and Fighter Design covert magnetic closures (optional)
  • Main pocket dimensions are 14.5" x 10" x 2"
  • Front pockets are 7.25" x 10" x 2"

Also used as the field expedient diaper bag by BADs (Bad Ass Dads) Keep your manhood while still taking care of those messy ops....


  • Smartphone Holder (standard)
  • Sunglass Holder (standard)
  • iPad mini holder (optional)
  • Fighter Design covert magnetic closures (optional)

Type: Bag

Vendor: Combat Flip Flops

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