Our Calling

Working at Combat Flip Flops isn’t a typical job. There’s no corner office. No water cooler. No break room. It’s more of a calling. A duty. A feeling in your soul that drives you to want to do something good. Something you actually care about. Like stopping the cycle of violence and human suffering around the world. We harnessed that compassion to create a new path forward. A way to create jobs, fund women’s education and improve people’s lives.

Update | 7 Sep 2021 | Issaquah, WA

Over the years, many of you have known our main charity effort was educating little girls in Afghanistan, circumventing the root cause of radicalism--lack of education. Our team had a lifetime goal of funding 100,000 girls to be literate. On June 30, 2021, we crested the 1,000 person mark through charitable efforts driven by your purchases. Shortly after achieving our first comma, the nation descended into chaos with the Taliban takeover. All schools are closed. All the teachers an students are in hiding. And the initiatives are paused until we can be assured that our efforts will fund women’s education in a safe, effective, and ethical manner.

We will continue to support the AAE refugees and be reassessing our charitable efforts over the next 90 days.


Our Charities

"When we educate a woman, we educate a family. Unless we educate the Afghan population, there will be no peace." ~Hassina Sherjan, AAE Executive Director

Aid Afghanistan for Education (AAE) provides education to marginalized Afghan women and girls over the age of ten who are denied access to a formal education. Currently serving 3,000 girls and 104 boys, AAE is guided by the indomitable spirit of Afghan women and children who, despite over 30 years of war and violence, are determined to build a bright and prosperous future for themselves and their families.  

Mines Advisory Group (MAG) is an international organization that saves lives and builds futures by removing and destroying landmines and other weapons left in war torn countries. Since 1989, MAG has worked in over 35 countries and was co-laureate of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1997.

THE STATION FOUNDATION (TSF) is a non-government agency providing resources to help all members and families of the Special Operations Community attain the same elite performance in their personal lives that they enjoy in uniform. TSF offers a place where Special Operators and their families can stop, identify their values and "stay on track."  Participants return home committed to lives of clarity, purpose, and direction, developing the resiliency and confidence they need to thrive amid adversity.