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The Chest Rig Neck Tie
The Chest Rig Neck Tie $36.99
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The Sarong
The Sarong $89.99
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CFF Shemagh
CFF Shemagh $19.99
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The Claymore - Waxed Canvas
The Claymore - Waxed Canvas Sold Out -
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2015 Men's AK-47
2015 Men's AK-47 $70.00
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2015 Men's Tuck Tuck
2015 Men's Tuck Tuck $70.00
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Bombshell Dark
Bombshell Dark $60.00
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Bombshell Light
Bombshell Light $60.00
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Combat Flip Flops

Mixtape 2 Oct 2015

October 02, 2015

What is it about music that drives us, motivates us, pulls us from the abyss?

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Is This Cat Riding a Turtle Click Bait?

September 29, 2015

For the Troll.  The Keyboard Commando.  The Haters.  The philosophy of Combat Flip Flops and how it causes cognitive dissonance.

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What's Up With the Poppy?

September 28, 2015

"Why the hell is there poppies all over your gear?"  We get this question often.

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MixTape Friday 25 Sep 15

September 25, 2015

It's been a long week.   You crushed it.   Now throw in some good beats and own the weekend.   #Peace Combat Flip Flops

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