2015 Men's AK-47
2015 Men's AK-47 $70.00
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2015 Men's Tuck Tuck
2015 Men's Tuck Tuck $70.00
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Bombshell Dark
Bombshell Dark $60.00
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Bombshell Light
Bombshell Light $60.00
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CFF Shemagh
CFF Shemagh $19.99
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The Claymore - Waxed Canvas
The Claymore - Waxed Canvas $104.00
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The Sarong
The Sarong $95.99
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PeaceMaker Bangle
PeaceMaker Bangle $50.00
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Combat Flip Flops

First Blood

August 09, 2013

Released in January 2012, Combat Flip Flops, the company, consisted of two Army Rangers, a 6’6” rock band bass player from Montana, and a duffel bag full of flip flop prototypes made in China. We called in every favor, rang every number, and spoke with anybody that would listen. Within days, we had enough dealers and order commitments to fund the first run of Combat Flip Flops in Kabul, Afghanistan. Game on−we thought. In 2011, the U.S. announced the imminent withdrawal from Afghanistan slated for 2014. With that, military procurement and contracts transitioned from ISAF command to Afghan command− meaning, our factory lost it’s boot contract. What? Yes, Afghans elected to close their own factory, full of local workers. But...

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