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2016 Men's AK-47
2016 Men's AK-47 $49.99
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2016 Men's Floperator
2016 Men's Floperator $34.99
+ Quick Shop
2016 Men's Tuck Tuck
2016 Men's Tuck Tuck $49.99
+ Quick Shop
La Chancla
La Chancla $24.99
+ Quick Shop

CFF Shemagh
CFF Shemagh $19.99
+ Quick Shop
Gunner Shemagh
Gunner Shemagh $39.00
+ Quick Shop
Operation Hawkeye Shemagh
Operation Hawkeye Shemagh $29.99
+ Quick Shop
The Sarong
The Sarong $59.99
+ Quick Shop

Simple Sarong
Simple Sarong $39.99
+ Quick Shop
The Cashmagh
The Cashmagh $150.00
+ Quick Shop
PeaceMaker Bangle
PeaceMaker Bangle $39.99
+ Quick Shop
PeaceMaker Coin Wrap
PeaceMaker Coin Wrap $39.99
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Combat Flip Flops

The Fastest Flip Flops on the Planet Have Pole Position for Indianapolis 500

May 24, 2016


“Making cool stuff in dangerous places is a lot like driving a race car…you need to go full throttle while anticipating every potential road block."

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Best. Birthday. Gift. Ever.

May 23, 2016

Matthew Griffin Birthday

Big thanks to the #UnarmedForces for giving me such an epic gift.

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5 Questions: Ranger Medic & Author Leo Jenkins

May 11, 2016

Leo Jenkins

There are a lot of people who talk the talk, but very few walk the walk.

Enter Leo Jenkins.

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Special Mother's Day Message

May 08, 2016

Combat Flip Flops Mother's Day
There are 3 important people we want to thank today for supporting, encouraging and loving us along the way. 


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