TEDx | Combat Flip Flops | Persistence, Creativity, and Respect

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To the Combat Flip Flops Community, About a year ago, I met with a journalist that explained that no matter how awesome the idea, how revolutionary the concept, how challenging the perspective–it takes at least 3 years.  Well, you’ve been … Continued

Skateboarding is the #1 Sport for Afghan Women

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“The key is the power of sharing something that you love.   And with persistence it can grow into something quite unexpected and truly amazing.”   Oliver Percovich Skateistan   Oliver and his crew run an amazing operation.  I first … Continued

#OneSentenceOrLess #12 | Kimberly Jung | Rumi Spice

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Army Veteran Kimberly Jung #OneSentenceOrLess Economy, The Voice of Women, and Saffron An inspirational lady.  Listen up! And register HERE if you want to hear more stuff from Combat Flip Flops

Quick Hits of Stoke: 11 Tips For Your Camping Trip

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Post by veteran, writer and outdoorsman, Matt Smythe of The Fishing Poet. Follow Matt on Instagram for stoke on the regular.  Heading out for a little camping R&R this holiday weekend? Solid. Whether you’re flying solo, with friends, or the whole family—here’s … Continued

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