Mix-Tape Monday — SHOT and Outdoor Retailer 2015

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Ever hear that song on the radio? You know, the one that reminds you of your first heartbreak? Or the one on repeat during deployment? Music has a strange effect on us, doesn’t it? Able to generate an emotion within a few seconds–we … Continued

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her

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Anything worth doing is worth overdoing – especially on Valentine’s Day.   Our advice? Take. A. Risk.   Go over the top. This is love, people. Outdo yourself. There’s never a lot of traffic when going the extra mile, and … Continued

Combat Flip Flops and Guns

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  Given the mission of Combat Flip Flops, name, and imagery, we recieve a lot of inquiries about our opinion regarding weapons. “But you guys say, ‘Business, not Bullets.’” “How can you be peaceful and still promote guns?”   And the questions continue … Continued

What’s Up with the Poppy?

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Curious minds have been wondering…   “What’s the deal with Rangers and Rockers putting flowers on everything?”   Besides their beauty, the flower holds meaning to us as warriors, dreamers, and believers. The Fallen.    In Flanders Fields ~ John … Continued

What is a Combat Flip Flop?

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What is a Combat Flip Flop? Hint: It’s not footwear.   It’s you.  It’s us. We are Combat Flip Flops.   Wiki defines a “Political Flip Flop” here.  To save you some reading, we’ll paraphrase for you. “a sudden real … Continued

Combat Flip Flops Claymore How To (45 seconds)

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Ever wonder why Jack Bauer rocked the satchel? It almost seems too simple, doesn’t it?  Cloth bag.  Three Holes.  Simple Strap. Yup.  That’s it. After years of toting around laptop bags in over-padded 1000D recepticals, we were determined to make … Continued

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