From bags to beauties
But, we kept hearing feedback that CFF products aren’t made in the USA. So we applied the CFF model to a U.S. defense manufacturer. For years, thousands of small businesses in the U.S. made lifesa..
First Blood
Released in January 2012, Combat Flip Flops, the company, consisted of two Army Rangers, a 6’6” rock band bass player from Montana, and a duffel bag full of flip flop prototypes made in China. We ..
Legacy leads, we follow.
Like many do, this story started with conflict. We, Donald Lee and Matthew “Griff” Griffin, were in the Army in 2003, ready to dig in. As Rangers, we believed military action was a clear solution ..
Philosophy of Combat Flip Flops
We’re just like you. A skate punk from Los Angeles. A jock from Iowa. A bass player from Montana. Each of us with our own backgrounds. Through weird paths, we ended up together−envisioning a future th..

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