About Us

Combat Flip Flops was formed by two Army Rangers and Rocker to grow sustainable, profitable economy in Afghanistan that is not related to war, drugs, or government contracting.   Both Lee and Griff served several tours in Afghanistan and Iraq with the 75th Ranger Regiment between 2002 and 2005. During the deployments, they saw slow improvement in the local economy or security as a result of coalition efforts.

In 2009, Griff began traveling back to Afghanistan with Remote Medical International in order to help the Afghan military with medical supplies and training for the growing Afghan National Army. During the visit, it was apparent that business, not bullets make the difference. Within Kabul, there were a staggering amount of small businesses thriving, construction of multiple story office buildings, and enough construction equipment working to make any American contractor envious. The money pumped into the economy got Afghans to put down their guns, learn a trade, and work to improve their local environment. Business, not bullets.

Since then, it's been a worldwide mission to make products in conflict areas.  Colombia, Laos, Kosovo, Afghanistan, and the U.S.A.

We hope you like our flip flops, style, and approach to making a positive difference.